How It Works

How the Actual Credit File Process Works?

Please do not send any of the below sensitive information through website contact form. This is for information purpose only. We will be sending you secured link to get these details and documents.

Step 1: Set up a counselling session (reach out using phone or contact form). We will go over the overall process to make sure you understand how it works end to end.

Step 2: Sign up for Smart Credit Services Plan for minimum 3 months (19.95 per month)

Step 3: Fill Out the service agreement: It touches upon who we are, what we will do and your responsibility. We will also need your smart credit credentials.

    • Will need your current, valid state Drivers’ License or a Government Issued Photo ID
    • Will need A photo of a recent utility bill or bank statement showing your name and current residence address – must be less than 60 days old.
    • Will need enrollment information: Name, Phone #, SSN, Date of Birth, Email, Address, City, State., Zip Code, Residential History (2 years)
    • Fill the relevant questionnaire

Step 4: Fill Out the Limited Power of Attorney Form- This allows us to communicate with credit bureaus, creditors, data furnishers and others, in your name and on your behalf, including writing, signing, and transmitting letters and electronic documents in your name.

Optional: Good to Read Before You Reach Out to Us

  1. Please be aware that we are not create repair company. Credit Repair hardly works. We are credit file document preparation service
  2. Read &
  3. Compare Our Services –

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We will go over the whole process as well as send across necessary documentation to kick start the process.