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Boost Your Clients Credit Score!

Solar sales are as hot as the sun (ok that was pretty corny). Truth be told though; solar sales are truthfully taking off. We have seen more leads coming in for our clients than any other year that we have been in business.

We also saw that while our marketing literally had our solar company clients dominating their markets and smashing leads where people are hungry and ready to move forward…. Many of the clients were not able to get approved for the financing required due to their credit scores.

Traditional Credit Repair Is Scam

We understood that credit repair didn’t work. It was overpriced, non-effective and took too long. The clients that were declined, didn’t want to go the route of credit repair because they knew it was a joke.

We devised a method that was something different:

  • It Was Fast
  • It Actually Worked
  • It Was Inexpensive

Our Approach

Credit Repair Didn’t Work but Document Preparation Changed the Game!!!!

Like paralegals that offer to do bankruptcies, divorces and name changes for people that didn’t want to go the route of an attorney, we concentrate on dramatically changing a person’s credit file. It is like nothing that we had ever seen before!

  • Our service takes 12 weeks max
  • Our service is a fraction of the cost of traditional credit repair companies
  • We typically remove 80% or more of the negative items negatively affecting clients.


Over the past 2 years over hundreds of clients have gone through successfully. Now, for the sake of honesty, not all of them came back for Solar, but whenever a partner sends us a client, we send them back when the client is completed (less than 12 weeks/sometimes in 4).

This allows our partners to constantly be following up on leads so that no client will be left behind. It makes for much better closing ratios and it is something that is not offered to the public so that there is a great chance that you will be the only one offering it in your area!

Let’s Do It

If you are interested in a partnership that does not cost you a dime, but that can significantly increase the ROI on your leads, please fill out the contact form and I will be back with you within one business day.

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